Pearls of Life
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Pearls of Life

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  • Utgiven: 2015
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Pearls of Life is an introduction to Martin Lönnebo’s prayer garland.

The beads have no power. They are more like little slips on your refrigerator door, reminders of words and feelings which are inherent in every person. Life does not always grant us time to consider and pray about them.
 The focus of the prayer garland is on life, not on the beads themselves.

When Martin Lönnebo introduced The Pearls of Life (Frälsarkransen) in 1995, nobody could predict how it would spread over the world, how beloved it would become, how much it would be put to use.
For the 20th anniversary of the prayer garland Johan Dalman, who for many years has used the garland to pray and meditate, has written Pearls of Life.

"Each one of the eighteen beads has a task: to help us find a way. They remind us of love, night, baptism … and of our secrets and a new life."

  • Introduction to the Pearls of Life
  • Meet four people who wear and use the prayer garland 
  • Martin Lönnebo tells the story of how the Pearls of Life came to

Pärlor för livet i engelsk översättning – en introduktion skriven för dig som aldrig har sett dem förut och en fördjupning för dig som ber med dem sedan många år eller nyligen. Johan Dalman berättar om pärlorna, Thomas Lerner intervjuar Martin Lönnebo och Ann Lagerström har mött fyra Frälsarkransen-bärare.

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